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Important:  Please complete this Repair Docket below. A copy will be send to your mail box once you click ‘submit’. Go to your mail box, print it and mail your timepiece with the printed Repair Docket. Post to swisstimeHQ, 202a Maroondah Hwy., Healesville VIC 3777.

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All Repairs must be accompanied by clear instructions including return address, phone number, email address and a brief description of the problem. Australian & New Zealand Warranty claims are on a 'return-to-base' basis and can only be considered when accompanied by a validated warranty certificate and proof of purchase from an Australian or New Zealand authorized Retailer. International Warranty: 1) Claims for time pieces purchased from Stores located outside of Australia or New Zealand are subject to a Handling, Administration & Return Postage fee of $35.00. 2) Claims for time pieces purchased from International Internet Sites (grey imports) are covered by the Seller and are to be returned to the Seller. Without a validated Warranty Certificate verifying the source, manufacturers do not permit authorization of warranty work. Other Repairs up to $75.00 (+$15 freight/handling) are carried out without the provision of a prior quote. Only repairs above $75.00 in value are quoted prior to the repair being carried out. Payment upon acceptance of quotes is required (Visa, MasterCard. AMEX or EFT). Disposal Policy: It is our policy to dispose of uncollected Repairs 60 days after the customer has been advised of completion of work, or submission of quotation for work to be carried out. Such advise may be given by phone, SMS, email or letter. Reminder & Safe Keeping charge of $25 applies. Return fee for un-repaired items is $15. All prices quoted are in Australian Dollars. Turn-around times: Australian & New Zealand Warranty Claims & Repairs: 5 - 7 Working Days from receipt. International Warranty Claims: 14 working days from receipt. swisstimeHQ/traser, 202a Maroondah Hwy., HEALESVILLE VIC 3777, Australia

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