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Lifetime Warranty

Your application must be received within 12 months of Purchase.

By registering your traser® timepiece here, swisstimeHQ – traser® distributor & operator of this web site – offers you a Lifetime Warranty valid in Australia & New Zealand for your traser® timepiece purchased from any of the traser® authorized Dealers in Australia & New Zealand, subject to the terms and conditions of the Standard Warranty as listed below. (Privacy Policy)

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Standard 24 Months Warranty

Your traser® watch is warranted for a period of twenty-four (24) months from the date of purchase under the terms and conditions of this warranty. The international traser® warranty covers material and manufacturing defects existing at the time of delivery of the purchased traser® watch (“defects”). The warranty only comes into effect if the warranty certificate is dated (purchase date), fully and correctly completed and stamped by an official traser® dealer (“valid warranty certificate”).

During the warranty period and by presenting the valid warranty certificate, you will have the right to have defects repaired free of charge. If repairs are improper to restore the normal conditions of use of your traser® watch, a replacement by a traser® watch of identical or similar characteristics is offered at our discretion. The warranty for the replacement watch ends twenty-four (24) months after the date of purchase of the replaced watch.

The Warranty does not cover:

This warranty does not cover normal wear & tear, glass, straps, bracelets, batteries, physical damage however arisen, water damage due to lack of regular maintenance, alterations, service or repairs performed by any party other than the authorized traser® service center, indirect or consequential damages of any kind resulting from the use of the traser® watch.

This warranty is invalidated by interventions by unauthorized third party for repairs or battery changes.

Making a Warranty claim:

If you wish to make a warranty claim you will need to produce proof of purchase accompanied by a validated warranty certificate. Warranty claims without proof of purchase or properly validated warranty certificate cannot be accepted. Warranty claims are on a ‘return to base’ basis.

All repairs & warranty claims must be lodged via the ‘Service Centre’ (link) tab on our web site.

Replacing the battery

We recommend that you contact an approved traser® service center or an authorised traser® retailer, as they are equipped with the tools and apparatus required to carry out the work and the necessary checks in a professional manner. A worn-out battery should be replaced immediately in order to reduce the risk of leakage and consequent damage to the movement.

Care & Tips, Precautions & Preventive Measurements


Like any precision instrument, a watch must be serviced regularly for optimum operation. As a rule, we recommend that you have your watch checked every 2 to 4 years by at traser® service center. Depending on the climate and the conditions of use of the watch, a shorter interval may be required. To benefit from the highest standards of service and to ensure your guarantee remains in force, please always contact our official traser® service center.


Avoid sudden temperature changes (e.g. exposure to sunlight followed by immersion in cold water) or extreme temperatures [over 60°C (140°F) or below 0°C (32°F)].

Magnetic fields

Avoid intense magnetic fields such as loudspeakers, mobile phones, computers or refrigerators and other electromagnetic appliances.


Avoid impacts, drops, and repeated friction that could abrade the metal and affect the watch mechanism. In the event of a violent shock please have your watch checked at our traser® service center.

Harmful products

Avoid direct contact with solvents, detergents, perfumes, cosmetic products or other chemical products, as they may damage the bracelet, the case or the gaskets.

Care and checks

Clean the case and bracelet regularly using a soft cloth to prevent any corrosion caused by perspiration. All water-resistant watches can be cleaned with a toothbrush and soapy water, and then dried with a soft cloth. After being worn in the sea, the watch must be rinsed with warm fresh water and then dried completely.

Water resistance

Water resistance of watches is rated based on laboratory pressure tests comparable to a swimmer or diver sitting still at that pressure level. However, many water-based activities involve a lot of movement and other environmental changes. These exceptions to how the watch was rated may challenge or defeat the water protection features of a water-resistant watch.
The water resistance of a watch cannot permanently be guaranteed. It may be affected by ageing of gaskets or by accidental shock to the crown. We recommend that you have the water resistance of your watch checked once a year by an authorised traser® service center.
Never activate the time-setting crown and/or the pushers while the watch is under water and make sure that the crown has been pushed/ screwed down tightly after every operation. Do not under any circumstances open the watch yourself; arrange to get it inspected by an authorised traser® service center only. All traser® watches are water-resistant at least to 3 atm/bar (30m/100ft). More information available on the PDF download.

traser® materials & finishings

Galvanic coatings

These coatings are applied by electrolysis. By varying the timing and current intensity, it is possible to vary the thickness and nature of the different layers (e.g. gold, silver, copper, etc.).

PVD (physical vapour deposition) coating

This process is performed under vacuum. Microscopic particles are deposited on the products by ion bombing. Very thin layers (1 to 3 µm) of impurity-free components can be made, which possess a high level of hardness (nitride, carbides, etc.). PVD has the advantage of being a thin but hard layer, corrosion-resistant, with strong adhesion and providing a numerous choice of colours. Thanks to the inert nature of PVD, the risks of intolerance entailed by its use are minimised.


Titanium is a metallic element found in the Earth’s crust. Hardened titanium is 30% tougher but around 40% lighter than steel and is 100% recyclable. Thanks to the biocompatible nature of titanium, the risks of intolerance entailed by its use are minimised. When exposed to the atmosphere, titanium forms an oxide film that makes titanium resistant to salt water and human perspiration corrosion.

Sapphire glass

Sapphire is manufactured from aluminium oxide (Al2O3). Transparent and colourless, it can only be scratched or cut with a diamond or quartz. Due to its extreme hardness, sapphire is virtually immune to deterioration or distortion, scratch-resistant to wear and chemical attack. Highly polished, sapphire is perfectly transparent.

Mineral glass (K1)

Mineral glass is hardened by a tempering process and is coated in a hard material, which makes it less likely to be scratched.


Alloy typically made from 88% copper and 12% tin. Bronze only oxidises superficially. Once an oxide layer is formed, the underlying metal is protected from further corrosion. The outer layer of oxidation can be cleaned to restore its original state. Cleaning instructions can be downloaded on our website (LINK).


Leather is a natural product, it is durable and flexible material created by tanning rawhides. Leather provides a high resistance against tearing, flexing and puncturing. We do not recommend immersing a leather strap in water to avoid erosion and fast-aging of the material.


Silicone is a polymer, which exhibits many useful characteristics such as thermal stability between -148°F to 482°F (-100°C to 250°C), a low chemical reactivity, resistance to ultra-violet light and prevents microbiological growth.


Natural material exhibiting high resilience, elasticity and is waterproof.

Stainless steel 316L

For the manufacture of all accessible components of its steel watches, traser® has selected a very high-quality stainless steel from the 316L family. The advantages of this steel are its high corrosion resistance and excellent durability.
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trigalight® self-powered illumination

trigalight® consists of hermetically sealed systems, which function entirely without the need for external light or energy sources. Moreover, you can read the time reliably and without having to push a button or any other kind of handling. The trigalight® illumination technology has a lifespan of at least 12 years. However, the intensity of the trigalight® will fade over the years due to radioactive decay. Additionally, minor differences in the brightness of the individual trigalight® components may occur as a result of the production process. A standard traser® watch contains a maximum activity of 1 gigabecquerel (GBq) of tritium gas. The exceptions are marked with T100, indicating the activity concentration of 3.7 GBq. Tritium is a radioactive element found in trace amounts in nature and which can also be man-made. The gaseous tritium is sealed in a small hollow body of mineral glass. The tritium atom decays into helium by emitting a beta particle (electron). Your watch is not giving off any harmful radiation since the electrons are unable to pass through either the mineral glass or the watch’s case.

The trigalight® components are installed in accordance with internationally applicable requirements and will not break nor release tritium gas under the expected mechanical and thermal loads. All watches containing trigalight® need to comply with internationally applicable test requirements and guidelines ISO 9978 and ANSI/HPS N43.4-2005. traser® watches comply with all of these standards and have been approved by the Swiss Federal Office of Public Health under the number “BAG 1991-7”.

Collection and treatment of end of life watches

You can return your watch to us for correct disposal. The recycling of the materials will help to conserve natural resources.